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Lyg Lyg is a software that generates music in Lilypond syntax. The standard output of Lyg is a full Lilypond file, ready to be processed by Lilypond.
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Lied Lied is a Lilypond editor with a syntax highlighter, and a menu system based on the musical definitions in Lilypond syntax.
You can show an overview of Lied at:,.
Visit Lied page on this blog for more details .
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Clilypboard Clilypboard (Lied without the editor) works as a collection of musical definitions in Lilypond syntax grouped into categories (Tuplets, Pitch, Durations, etc) through a menu system.
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Csmusgen Csmusgen (Csound music generator), is a music generator based on the concept of musical series, not intended as in the integral serialism, but rather as a module in continuous stochastic evolving.
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