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Premettendo una grande considerazione nei confronti del Maestro Ivan Fedele, di cui ammiro da tempo lo spessore compositivo, mi permetto di annotare, a mo' di commentario, qualche parola in merito all'incontro di cui egli e' stato ieri protagonista durante la prima giornata dell'EMU FESTIVAL 2013, e nel contesto degli "Incontri con il compositore" che del Festival è parte integrante.

Composing a string quartet in around some steps - Foglio n. 20 "formula"

Composing a string quartet, elements and instructions

This article describes the composition of a music piece for string quartet, by starting from sets of musical symbols of pithces, duration unities, tuplets, timbre and intesity.

The piece is obtained by using some methods to arrange the symbols into musical sequences. These methods are based on pseudorandom generation and prearranged combinations. The main goal of the article is to provide the reader with a practical example about how to compose a piece using these methods.



Lyg Lyg is a software that generates music in Lilypond syntax. The standard output of Lyg is a full Lilypond file, ready to be processed by Lilypond.
Download Lyg http://sourceforge.net/projects/lyg/files/

Lied Lied is a Lilypond editor with a syntax highlighter, and a menu system based on the musical definitions in Lilypond syntax.
You can show an overview of Lied at: http://lied.sourceforge.net,.
Visit Lied page on this blog for more details .
Download Lied http://sourceforge.net/projects/lied/files/

Clilypboard Clilypboard (Lied without the editor) works as a collection of musical definitions in Lilypond syntax grouped into categories (Tuplets, Pitch, Durations, etc) through a menu system.
Download Clilypboard http://sourceforge.net/projects/clilypboard/files/

Csmusgen Csmusgen (Csound music generator), is a music generator based on the concept of musical series, not intended as in the integral serialism, but rather as a module in continuous stochastic evolving.
Download Csmusgen http://sourceforge.net/projects/csmussgen/files/