Lied a Lilypond Editor for Linux and Windows Systems

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Lied's goals

Goal of Lied is: help the user to get familiar with the lilypond syntax, so, without hide the syntax, behind a graphic front-end. Indeed such an approach, would only be an obstacle for users in the learning of Lilypond syntax.

Lied's features

Syntax highlighter

Lied highlights the code with its own colour scheme, created to make easy and nice, work on lilypond files. Current version of default menu items is based on Lilypond version 2.10.3.


  • Lilypond definitions as menu items. The Lilypond music definitions have been grouped by subject, in a similar style to what can be found in music notation software, with a graphic interface.


  • Ability to change default menu items. Several of the default menu items can be modified, allowing the update of the obsolete commands.


  • Ability to add menu items. By using the "user menu", users can add a lot of new menu items and their correspondents definitions.


  • Multiple configurations. A set of menu items can be saved as a configuration. This function allows you to relate a set of menu items with a kind of music, or with a piece.


  • Buffer versions. A function that allow users to recover differents versions of the text buffer. Saved versions (between 1 to 99) can be reloaded in any time, during the current session or in a later session.


Menu File

* New file
* Open file
* Insert file
* Save
* Save as...

Menu Edit

* Cut
* Copy
* Paste
* Delete

Menu Search

* Find
* Find again
* Replace
* Replace again

Lied's strenghts

It's extremely light. - Written in C++, statically linked to the FLTK library, Lied's usage of memory is around 0.8% (linux).


It's very easy to use. - Lied has been built with the intention to avoid any additional learning curve for the user. Usage of "Lied" is: click on the selected menu item to insert the correspondent definition into the Lilypond file. A little additional time could be needed, to learn how to save and reload configurations, and to learn how to modify the menu items.


No dependencies required. - The executable file of Lied doesn't require any installation of run-time components or libraries to be run on your machine. You can start using Lied simply downloading the package, unpacking it, and clicking on the binary file.


Lilypond syntax help. - Lied helps you to get familiar with the Lilypond syntax. Several precompiled templates are available, allowing you to finish your first Lilypond music score with a single click.


Lied is Open Source. This means that the sources of Lied are available. The Lied's sources are freely downloadable for Linux and Microsoft Windows. A purchase is requested only for the precompiled executable file for Microsoft Windows.

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